Because STEM is Amazing!


I’m Mrs. Lozar and this website is my way of sharing exciting, low cost (hopefully, nearly free) at-home experiments and activities so students can further explore the amazing world of STEM. Use the links above to find the week you're looking for. Activities will be added each week, with links to extra resources! These activities are in no particular order, so EXPLORE!

While we wait for schools to re-open, I hope you and your children take advantage of these and have a great time! Above all, they should be fun!



Science rarely actually happens in a lab! Science can be done any day, with things you already have around you. Science is all around us! Just remember, if you think like a scientist, you ARE one! Scientists ask questions, see a need or problem, brainstorm ways of addressing it, try out a few different ways, and decide which is the best. You can do it, too! Above all, ask questions about the things you see around you!


Most people think of cell phones, tablets, or computers when you say the word "Technology." That certainly is part of it, but think of just about anything that moves as technology, too! Wheels, pulleys, javelins, cars, gates, garden hoses, cameras, those dog leashes that roll up... the list goes on and on! Technology surrounds us in many forms!



Engineering is often misunderstood. Any time you see a challenge, design a way to solve it, and test it out, YOU have just become an engineer. Things as complicated as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or as simple as fixing a broken shoe lace count as engineering. When you think about it, every day we solve challenges. We are all engineers!


Math is another part of STEM that's usually thought of as isolated in the classroom, or as having to be taught from a text book. Let's start thinking about it another way! Puzzles, mazes, artwork, making change, knitting, crocheting, beading, dancing, drumming... All those things are based on math! Math is all around us, in an incredible number of subtle forms!


Be Amazing with STEM!

More lessons are coming! Check back frequently! In the meantime, go be AMAZING!!